PMTiles for Browsers + NodeJS

See the JavaScript API docs

the PMTiles package can be included via script tag or ES6 module:

 <script src="<VERSION>/dist/pmtiles.js"></script>

All the PMTiles exports are available under the global pmtiles variable e.g. pmtiles.PMTiles.

As an ES6 module: npm add pmtiles

import { PMTiles } from "pmtiles";

Leaflet: Raster tileset

Example of a raster PMTiles archive displayed in Leaflet:

import { PMTiles, leafletRasterLayer } from "pmtiles";
const p = new PMTiles('example.pmtiles')
leafletRasterLayer(p,{attribution:'© <a href="">OpenStreetMap</a>'}).addTo(map)

Live example | Code

Leaflet: Vector tileset

See protomaps-leaflet

MapLibre GL JS

Example of a PMTiles archive displayed in MapLibre GL JS:

 import { Protocol } from "pmtiles";
let protocol = new Protocol();
var style = {
"version": 8,
"sources": {
"example_source": {
"type": "vector",
"url": "pmtiles://",
"attribution": '© <a href="">OpenStreetMap</a>'

Live example | Code


See the Protomaps Docs on Cloud Storage for uploading and configuring CORS for Cloudflare R2, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and more.

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